Outfit Your Farm With a Brand-New Barn

Get a personalized shedrow barn for your property built in Central PA

Owning land is amazing. You have yards and acres of land that support your way of life. If you own horses, you know just how precious owning land can be. You can increase the functionality of your land by installing a shedrow barn. Bigfoot Barns LLC in Rebersburg  specializes in shedrow barn construction. Whatever type of barn you need, we can build it.

Every shedrow horse barn is built in house and to your exact specifications. We'll build a shedrow barn that looks great on your property. Call 814-424-0200 today to get started.

Add a structure to your two-acre property

Having random items parked on your property doesn't look great. Make your land look clean and put together by purchasing a custom shedrow barn. We can create shedrow barns with:

  • Dutch doors
  • Windows
  • Feed rooms
  • Horse stalls
  • Tractor stalls
  • Workshop spaces



Our shedrow bars will accommodate everything you need. Hire our team to build your shedrow horse barn by contacting us today.