During my travels on the east coast, I was fortunate enough to visit some extended family and become familiar with the lifestyle of my kin.. I come from a family of farmers and I was blown away by the horse accommodations they had - immaculate stables, HUGE corrals and runs, and the custom barn they had installed by Bigfoot Barns LLC. The barn was bigger and more soundly built than my home in Arizona! I'm planning on moving back east, and I know who I'm calling for any property projects involving barns, stables, and anything in between - Bigfoot Barns, LLC!

Chef 2 You

I would recommend Bigfoot Barns to ANYONE! There is not a person alive who shows more care and enthusiasm for the work that they do than Steven. He is a great contractor but his passion and eye for detail is what set him and his company apart.

I do not ask you to take my word for it. Give him a call and you will see for yourself. And the finished project will completely blow you away. Thank you Steven and Bigfoot Barns for all that you do.

Jaegar Monster

Wonderful product, and such a great team to work with. Highly recommend getting a building from them! They work hard and get the job done! Steve rules!

Amy Hook

Stephen is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. His products are all high quality and he cares about his customer.

Anthony DeGol

Steve is not only knowledgeable but he is determined and focused on providing his community the highest quality workmanship at the most affordable price to you! The perfect guy for ANY commercial job!

VMS Data

A smaller hands on company

Double S Builders LLC Lapp